The article analyzes the regulatory legal framework of the relationship between the Armed Forces and Congress, and the role of the Ministry of Defense. This analysis considers the cultural and political factors that make up this framework. The analysis concludes that the authority of the President of the Republic has been, and will continue to be an element of utmost relevance in the conformation of the standards that regulate the relationships of power, affecting the influence and authority of the Congress over the Armed Forces. Nevertheless, the study shows the existence of series of standards that allow for a fluid relationship between the Legislative Branch and the military, at least in terms of establishing information and communication channels for carrying out legislative oversight and investigation. These norms, however, limit the work of Congress in budgetary matters, and in the organization and composition of the military force. Finally, this article proposes to advance toward greater institutionalization of this relationship, strengthening the advisory function of the authorities called to participate in these, as well as creating procedures so that the Ministry of National Defense may participate effectively in this relationship.
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