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CCIDS 2023 Graduation Dinner

The Alumni Spotlights program is an initiative dedicated to highlight the achievements and contributions of the alumni network. As a dynamic and diverse community of security and defense professionals, Perry Center alumni have made significant impacts in their respective fields, embodying the values of excellence, leadership, and collaboration.

This program serves as a platform to showcase the outstanding accomplishments of our graduates, highlighting their expertise, innovative approaches, and leadership in addressing complex global security challenges.

Whether they are making strides in academia, diplomacy, military service, or private industry, our alumni are making a difference. The Alumni Spotlights Program not only recognizes their achievements but also fosters a sense of connection and community among our graduates, providing opportunities for networking, mentorship, and collaboration. 



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Katherine Almeida
21 Feb 2024

Katherine Almeida

Katherine published the chapter "Living Our Learning: Transformative Impacts of Study Abroad and Field Studies for Students and Faculty" as part of The Palgrave Handbook of Teaching and Research in Political Science. This co-authored chapter was a months-long initiative to share experiences that could improve the learning process and teaching methods.

Ayinka Nurse-Carrington
16 Feb 2024

Ayinka Nurse-Carrington

Ayinka received her Doctorate in Criminology and Criminal Justice and graduated on the 27 October 2023 from The University of the West Indies, Saint Agustine Campus. Her thesis: "Mama's House: A Qualitative Examination of Mothers and their Experience with Parenting from Prison in Trinidad and Tobago."

Paola Di Chiaro
14 Feb 2024

Paola Di Chiaro

The Argentine Foreign Minister named Paola as the new head of the Falklands Islands Secretariat.

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