Hemispheric Forums

Hemispheric Forums

The Hemispheric Forum is a unique Perry Center vehicle that takes advantage of the abundance of subject-matter experts and the community of interest in Western Hemisphere affairs. The format of each program is a panel discussion centered on a timely and important topic, with expert panelists representing government, think tanks, and academia.

LGBT Personnel in the Armed Forces: Advancing a Position of Inclusivity and Embracing Diversity

Moderator and panelists from L to R: DASD Amanda Simpson, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy; Maj Gen Patricia Rose, USAF, Mobilization Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff; Dr. Alan Okras, Professor, Canadian War College; BG Randy Taylor, USA, Director of Architecture, Operations, Network and Space; Mr. Mauricio Orrego Saavedra, Chief of Staff, Office of the Undersecretariat of the Armed Forces of Chile; SPCO (ret.) Kristin Beck, USN, former US Navy SEAL

Previous Hemispheric Forum topics include:

  • Security Challenges in Latin America: Are Institutions Ready to Respond?
  • The Impact of Energy Developments in the Greater Caribbean Region
  • Central American Maras: Tier 1 Threat?
  • National and Intenational Efforts to Address the Opioids Crisis and Transnational Organized Crime
  • Cuba’s Continuing Regional Influence
  • Security and Defense Challenges Posed by Emerging Technologies in the Americas
  • The Colombian Transitional Justice Program
  • Corruption in the Western Hemisphere: Impediment to Citizen Security and Democratic Consolidation
  • Women in Peace and Security
  • Coping with Opposition to the US in Parts of Latin America
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