Cyberspace vulnerabilities constitute a major challenge to decision-makers in Latin America and the Caribbean. There is a growing concern in the region on the lack of an effective legal framework to control this limitless environment. All legal systems used in the region present their own challenges, but within each one is a lack of capacity to efficiently regulate cyberspace. Additionally, while the public sector focuses on the common good and the private sector focuses on profit, both must be united under a common regulatory framework that facilitates the objectives of security for society. This chapter addresses the current status of cyberspace regulations in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and the challenges faced in implementing them.

Saavedra, Boris, and Ema Corcodilos. "Regulations in Cyberspace in Latin America and the Caribbean: Challenges and Opportunities." in Cybersecurity and Legal-Regulatory Aspects, Gabi Siboni, and Limor Ezioni (eds.), 65-88. Singapore. World Scientific Publishing Company, 2021.

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