The Transformation of Women’s Role in the Argentine Armed Forces: Moving Toward the Creation of a Mixed Space

This paper proposes to show part of the transformation process of the Argentine Armed Forces from an exclusively male to a mixed profession. The paper emphasizes, with different emphases, two points: On the one hand, the importance of including in the analysis of what is usually called "the incorporation of women into the Armed Forces" the role that women have played so far within the institution as wives and as the axis of a family model promoted and regulated by the institution itself. On the other hand, the modifications of the regulations in the last five years are analyzed, with the aim of giving an account of the Argentine experience in gender policy in the field of defense, but also with the intention of revealing how the State builds a family model and a gender ideology from the application of its public policies.

File Type: pdf
Categories: SDSR
Author: Laura Massón

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