CHDS kicks off Caribbean Defense and Security Course
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18 Apr 2010

Wilbert KirtonThe Caribbean Defense and Security Course (CDSC), the CHDS English-language flagship program, began April 15th in Washington, DC.

The CDSC is the English version of the Spanish-language Strategy and Defense Policy (SDP) course and, together with its predecessor, Defense Planning and Resource Management, the three-week course teaches those concepts essential to effective defense and security strategy and policy within democratic societies.

To date, some 3,700 civilian and military participants from 45 countries have taken part in the Center’s policy education effort. This year the 36 participants come from 14 countries: Antigua & Barbuda (2); Bahamas (1); Barbados (1); Belize (2); Colombia (3); Grenada (1); Guyana (3); Jamaica (9); Mexico (1); St. Kitts (3); St. Lucia (1); Suriname (2); Trinidad & Tobago (6), and the United States (1).

The course focuses on issues being confronted today in the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean (e.g., Suriname, Guyana, Belize) countries as they seek to guarantee security and improve the administration of defense and security establishments. This focus is enriched by the participation of persons from both private and public sectors, who contribute their experiences and knowledge gained through a broad diversity of professional and academic preparation.

Participants who have graduated from the CDSC form an important part of the community of interest on defense and security matters throughout Caribbean region and the hemisphere. Through instruction from CHDS professors and their own colleagues, they have gained a common understanding of terminology, concepts, and mechanisms for raising the levels of security and defense, both nationally and regionally.

Participants have also established contact networks that sustain informed dialogue on defense issues far beyond the classrooms of the CDSC and CHDS itself. Wilbert Kirton (pictured above) former Commander of the Barbados Defence Force and CHDS Adjunct Professor of National Security Affairs, is one of three Caribbean faculty members teaching at the Caribbean Defense and Security Course.