Cybersecurity and Climate Change Courses Conclude with Two Distinguished Speakers
Graduation CCIDS/CYBER 2023
L to R: Dr. Michael Sulmeyer, Dr. Stewart Patrick, Dr. Paul Angelo. Credit: WJPC Staff
09 Aug 2023

On July 21, 89 participants from 20 countries completed the resident portion of their respective courses, “Cybersecurity Policy in the Americas: Challenges for Policy-Strategic Analysis” and “Climate Change and Implications for Defense and Security.” To honor the work participants undertook in these courses and to inspire the work we have yet to undertake, two distinguished speakers – Principal Cyber Advisor to the Secretary of the Army Dr. Michael Sulmeyer and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Senior Fellow Dr. Stewart Patrick – shared their reflections. We thank all our speakers, course directors Dr. Boris Saavedra and Dr. Patrick Paterson, and course facilitators Professor Celina Realuyo, Dr. Vicente Torrijos of Colombia, Mr. Gianncarlo Gomez of Peru, Dr. Erin K. McFee, Dr. Daniel Ruiz-Carrascal of Colombia, and Professor Mariana Plum of Brazil for their contributions. As stated by Perry Center Director Dr. Paul J. Angelo, “The time to act is now, and responsibility to act is ours.”

CCIDS (July) 2023 Group Photo

CCIDS 2023

CYBER 2023 Group Photo

CYBER 2023