El Salvador Delegation Visits the Perry Center
CAEE Visit - November 2023
 Photo Credit: WJPC/Stratcom
17 Nov 2023
CAEE Visit Inset

Dr. Boris Saavedra (left) presenting on cybersecurity issues.

On November 16, El Salvador’s Vice Chief of Defense Brigadier General José Mario Blanco Hernández and Director of the School for Advanced Strategic Studies (CAEE) Brigadier General (ret.) Harol Manfredo Pineda Arias led a visit to the Perry Center. The delegation was greeted by Perry Center Director Paul Angelo, Deputy Director Ruben Lopez, Dean of Academic Affairs Scott Tollefson, and six faculty members. Dr. Angelo provided a warm welcome, discussed the Center’s mission, and previewed the 2024 course program. Faculty members offered presentations on cybersecurity, humanitarian assistance and disaster response, climate and environmental security, maritime security, and talent management. El Salvador’s School for Advanced Strategic Studies is a regional partner of the Perry Center.