WJPC at XXIV Iberoamerican Defense Colleges Conference: Initiatives and Insights
WJPC Guatemala Visit - Aug 2023
Photo Credit: WJPC/Chase Boone
27 Sep 2023
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Conference Participants (credit: COSEDE staff)

The Perry Center, at the invitation of the Guatemalan Army’s Higher Education Command (COSEDE – Comando Superior de Educación), participated as observers in the XXIV Conference of the Iberoamerican Defense Colleges Association, which took place between August 29 and September 1, 2023 in Guatemala City. Director Paul J. Angelo discussed food security and previewed the Perry Center’s planned initiatives for 2024 in meeting the region’s needs and goals for confronting climate change and its consequences.

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Perry Center Director Paul Angelo (credit: WJPC/Chase Boone)

The Perry Center team visited its alumni at the Ministry of Interior for an engagement hosted by alumnus Minister Napoleón Barrientos Girón, where Perry Center professor Celina Realuyo delivered a lecture on illicit finance. Additionally, the Perry Center engaged with a group of masters students, including other alumni, at the Guatemalan Ministry of Defense, where Director Angelo delivered remarks reiterating the importance of respecting democratic institutionality and honoring the will of the people. These engagements underscore the Perry Center’s commitment to fostering regional partnerships, exchanging expertise, and collaboratively addressing complex security and environmental challenges.