Perry Center Hosts Academic Exchange with IGLOBAL Master’s Program
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09 Jul 2017
IGLOBAL Delegation Visit

Director Mark Wilkins addresses the IGLOBAL delegation

On July 8 and 9, the Perry Center welcomed a delegation of twelve individuals from the Global Institute of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (IGLOBAL) Master’s in Security, Crisis, and Emergency Management program in the Dominican Republic. The delegation was led by Josefina Reynoso Chacón, the Program Coordinator.

During the first day, Perry Center Director Mark Wilkins provided introductory remarks, followed by presentations on relevant security and defense concepts: Professor Manuel Lora, on the conceptualization of security and defense; Professor Guillermo Pacheco, on the security environment; and Professor Boris Saavedra, on security management.

During the second day, the students attended presentations on the impact of crises and emergencies on security management (Professor Luis Kun); the advantages and disadvantages of the use of the armed forces in domestic state security (Professor Carlos Ospina-Ovalle); and governance and its impact on security management (Professor Michael Gold-Biss). During each presentation, the students participated in lively discussions with Perry Center faculty and exchanged views based on their coursework and research.