Perry Center Spotlights Women, Peace, and Security with Workshop
20230412 - WPS workshop
Photo Credit: WJPC Staff
13 Apr 2023

On April 12, the Perry Center convened 63 participants for its second workshop on “Strategic and Political Implications of UNSCR 1325: Women, Peace, and Security (WPS).” Offered in partnership with US Southern Command, the focus of the three-day forum is on designing policies that maximize the meaningful participation of women in security and defense activities. Participants include military and civilian participants from 14 partner nations in the Americas.

The workshop covers issues ranging from WPS origins, national action plans, gender perspectives and analysis, barriers to meaningful participation, and operationalizing WPS. This year more than half of the participants are men, underscoring the importance of the issue to throughout the security and defense community.

Dr. Fabiana Perera (next to flag), addresses a participant’s question

Guest speakers will include Ms. Michelle Strucke, (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Partnerships, US Department of Defense), Vice-Admiral Alexandre Rabello (President of the Council of Delegates, Inter-American Defense Board), Brigadier General Isabel Smith (Director of Joint Staff, New York State National Guard), representatives from the US Departments of Defense and State, and partners from Brazil, Canada, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, Women in International Security, and Georgetown University.

The workshop, led by Dr. Fabiana Perera, is being held in conjunction with the Perry Center’s 2023 Combating Transnational Threat Networks and Strategic Implications of Human Rights and Rule of Law courses. Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Scott D. Tollefson, provided opening remarks.