Peru Defense Minister Dr. Esparch on the Integration of Women in the Armed Forces
Peru Defense Minister Nuria Esparch and Prof. Celina Realuyo
13 Jul 2021

On July 13, 2021, the Perry Center and the Center for Strategic Studies of the Peruvian Army (CEEEP) co-hosted the webinar “Gender Policies and the Integration of Women in the Armed Forces.” Dr. Nuria Esparch, Minister of Defense of Peru and WJPC professor Celina Realuyo provided perspectives on integration efforts in Peru and the United States respectively, as well as United Nations Resolution 1325.

Dr. Esparch highlighted the significant growth that women have achieved with their presence in the Armed Forces, commenting “Women constitute an essential component within the military forces of a large number of countries on various continents.”

Professor Realuyo shared the US perspective on Women, Peace, and Security, and provided examples of her own professional experiences throughout her career. She further highlighted the importance of UN Resolution 1325 and its primary pillars of Participation, Protection, Prevention, and Relief and Recovery. Professor Realuyo commented that “the challenge all nations face is how to continue improving inclusive leadership year after year, especially in a dynamic global environment.” She emphasized that we all have a responsibility to promote this inclusion which in turn supports a safer and more prosperous hemisphere.

Major Gonzalo Iwasaki, Peruvian Army reservist and independent journalist, moderated this event.

Event Recording (Spanish)