Strengthening Partnerships in a Region of Promise
Admiral Faller - Strengthening Partnerships in a Region of Promise
12 Apr 2021

On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies hosted Admiral Craig S. Faller, Commander of US Southern Command, for a conversation on “Strengthening Partnerships in a Region of Promise.” During the event, Admiral Faller engaged with Perry Center alumni from 25 countries across the Americas. Perry Center Director, LTG (ret.) Frederick S. Rudesheim, facilitated the hour-long open dialogue, drawing from an impressive number of questions – 77 in total – submitted by participants on a wide range of topics.

Admiral Faller highlighted the significance, the connections, and the opportunities of the hemisphere, “our shared neighborhood,” but underscored that the “promise” of the hemisphere is under assault by interrelated threats that undermine democracy, some of which have advanced and proliferated within the pandemic environment. He emphasized the importance of professionalism and regional militaries working together in order to address the shared security challenges of our time.

“Our main effort must be to work together to strengthen partnerships…We want to work with and help professional militaries and security forces that respect human rights, rule of law, and the role of women in peace and security… Professionalism equals legitimacy and – acting in accordance with our constitutions and rule of law – is our North Star…Professionalism is the best inoculation against the undemocratic norms and valueless ways of transnational criminal organizations and other threats like China,” he said.

Leadership, security cooperation, and strong partnerships are needed to effectively tackle these challenges and secure a stronger, safer, and more prosperous future for the Americas.

Event Recording