Webinar: Strategic Concepts in Cybersecurity
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13 Jul 2020

On June 30 and July 2, Perry Center Professor Boris Saavedra and Adjunct Professor Marty Treviño discussed the current cybersecurity situation in Latin America and the Caribbean, focused on the convergence of exponentially accelerated technologies and their transformational impact in a potential COVID-21 environment. Dr. Saavedra spoke on the formulation of Cyber Strategy and nation state cyber policy, and Dr. Treviño spoke and gave examples of a cyber-capabilities construct for civil and military leaders. The June 30 session was presented in Spanish, while the July 2 session took place in English.

Event Recording (English) - Dr. Marty Trevino [02 Jul 2020]
Event Recording (Spanish) - Dr. Marty Trevino [30 Jun 2020]