Wiarda Appointed at CHDS
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16 Feb 2011

Dr. Richard Downie, director of the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies, today announced the appointment of Professor Howard J. Wiarda as Professor of National Security Policy and the Center’s Associate Director for Research and Publications. Wiarda is one of the country’s most respected and renowned authorities on Latin America in the United States.

CHDS’ mission within the Department of Defense is to conduct policy education and outreach activities for civilians, the military and police in the Western Hemisphere. The Center seeks to foster mutual trust, understanding, regional cooperation and partner capacity. Wiarda’s appointment is part of CHDS’ efforts to emphasize and expand its research and publication activities.

CHDS already has a first-rate faculty and may be the largest Latin American Center in the US government. While continuing its outreach, cooperation, and educational functions, the Center also seeks to encourage scholarly research and publication.

In making the announcement Dr. Downie said: “We are especially pleased to have Professor Wiarda as part of our team. His is one of the most knowledgeable and influential voices on Latin America and the field of comparative politics.”

Wiarda is the author of numerous well-known books on Latin America, including Right and Revolution: The Central American Imbroglio, The Soul of Latin America, Corporatism and Authoritarianism in Latin America, and Dilemmas of Democracy in Latin America.

His text, Latin American Politics and Development, co-edited and co-authored with Harvey Kline, is now in its seventh edition. The work has been the best-selling textbook on Latin American politics for more than 30 years. Three generations of Latin American scholars and policy practioners have been trained with this text.