WJPC Hosts Hemispheric Forum on Thematic Axes for the XII Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas (CDMA)
2015 CDMA Hemispheric Forum
09 Oct 2015

On October 8, 2015, at the request of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, the Perry Center hosted a Hemispheric Forum on “Thematic Axes for the XII Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas (CDMA)” in 2016, with participation by live and internet audiences. Participants from Trinidad and Tobago included the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of National Security Mr. Carl Francis, the Vice Chief of Defence Staff Brigadier General Anthony Phillips-Spencer, and the Director of International Affairs of the Ministry of National Security Ms. Antoinette Lucas-Andrews. The Forum included Professor Luis Bitencourt from the Perry Center, who provided academic commentary, and was moderated by Perry Center Visiting Professor Walter K. Earle.

The Forum, which was intended to launch the dialogue on agenda items for the CDMA in the fourth quarter of 2016, addressed themes including (1) The changing international defense and security environment: the evolving role of the military; (2) Environmental Protection and resilience; and (3) Towards a hemispheric security and defense cooperation policy: a case for strengthened humanitarian emergency assistance. Panelists also responded to questions showing how the proposed themes will ensure a productive CDMA.

Event Recording (English)
Event Recording (Spanish)