Perry Center Conducts Mobile Strategy and Defense Policy Course while Participating in the 2nd International Security Congress in Ecuador
SDPm 2024 (Ecuador) group photo
Perry Center Faculty and Staff with SDPm 2024 (Ecuador) participants
11 Mar 2024

From February 19 to March 1, the Perry Center, alongside our partner institution, the University of the Armed Forces of Ecuador (ESPE), executed a mobile Strategy and Defense Policy (SDPm) course in Quito, Ecuador. The two-week course focused on defense ministry roles and responsibilities, civilian oversight of military institutions, and fostering civil-military relations while developing an understanding of global and regional defense challenges.

ESPE Chancellor Colonel Víctor Emilio Villavicencio Alvarez inaugurated SDPm, and three distinguished professors joined the Perry Center faculty as auxiliary support: General (ret.) Raul Oswaldo Jarrin Roman, former Secretary of Defense of Ecuador and 2022 Perry Award for Excellence in Security and Defense Education recipient; Professor Jorge Mario Eastman Robledo, former ambassador of Colombia; and Dr. Klever Antonio Bravo, Professor at the University of the Armed Forces of Ecuador (ESPE).

SDPm was led by Perry Center professor Dr. David Spencer and supported by Perry Center professors Colonel Barbara R. Fick, PhD and Dr. Erin McFee. The Perry Center faculty and staff congratulate the 60 new graduates who now join our dynamic alumni network!

In graduation remarks on March 1, Perry Center Director Dr. Paul J. Angelo affirmed to SDPm participants that “beyond being alumni, you are now part of an extended community, a network of professionals committed to the security and well-being of our nations.” Dr. Angelo assured SDPm participants that “our doors at the Perry Center will always be open, and we will always be here, not just as a resource, but as a friend, a partner, and collaborator.”

While in Quito, Dr. Angelo also met with Ecuadorian Minister of Defense Gian Carlo Loffredo and Foreign Minister Gabriela Sommerfield, engaged with Perry Center alumni, and delivered remarks at the 2nd International Security Congress, along with Perry Center faculty members Dr. Boris Saavedra, Professor Celina Realuyo, and LCDR (Colombia) Diego Cabuya.

During opening remarks at the 2nd International Security Congress, Dr. Angelo noted Ecuador’s recent increase in gang violence, criminal impunity, and climate disasters as a strong rationale for the Perry Center’s presence and collaboration in Ecuador. However, Dr. Angelo noted that “Ecuador’s new national determination and offers of international cooperation can be an antidote to criminal violence and climate change” and that “Ecuador’s success in dismantling criminal gangs and mitigating climate disasters could be a promising start to turning the tide on leading security and defense challenges across the Americas.” Concluding his remarks, Dr. Angelo reiterated “the enduring commitment of the Perry Center team and network,” affirming that the Perry Center “will be here with Ecuador every step of the way.”