Digital Technology and Geopolitics
Webinar - Digital Technology and Geopolitics
12 Nov 2021

On November 9, the Chilean National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies (ANEPE) and the Perry Center jointly presented the webinar, “The Power of Digital Technology in 21st Century Geopolitics.”

WJPC professor Boris Saavedra analyzed artificial intelligence, wireless 5G technology and quantum computing trends in a global geopolitical and geostrategic context. Dr. Saavedra explained that competition between great powers has shifted its center of gravity from industrial, economic, and military resources to information and communication technology dominance.

Marcelo Suykion Wong Cea, Head of the National Cybersecurity Center, Chilean Investigative Police, and professor at ANEPE provided an overview of the power of technology and its impact on geopolitics. He described the different cybersecurity vulnerabilities, malware, manipulation of people, and generation gaps. Professor Wong concluded by explaining how the digital revolution has become a normal digital reality, adding that we should all be in a “state of cybersecurity.”

Professor Vicente Torrijos from the National War College of Colombia moderated this event which was attended by nearly 300 participants from 20 countries.