Perry Center Holds First Spanish-Language Alumni Day
Alumni Day 2021 (Spanish)
01 Apr 2021

Around 350 Spanish speaking graduates from the Western Hemisphere gathered for the “Día del Egresado” (Alumni Day) celebration on Tuesday, March 25. This event was entirely coordinated and hosted by an organizing committee of alumni, who created a video showcasing memories from the last 23 years, including nearly 100 individual recorded testimonials of graduates from all over the region. It was an unforgettable evening for everyone present and a true representation of trust and understanding among our rich alumni community.

The concept of Alumni Day was initially conceived by a working group of alumni, then quickly embraced by Perry Center director, LTG (ret.) Frederick Rudesheim and March 27 was designated as “Alumni Day” in commemoration of the graduation date of the first Perry Center resident course in 1998. Alumni Day is an annual event to celebrate the impact and strength of the alumni network with a focus on community, cooperation, and leadership. This year’s Alumni Day activities stretched over a three-day period and ended with the final “Día del Egresado” on the 25th.

Cortina Centro Perry (Spanish)