Perry Center Hosts Hemispheric Forum on Emerging Technologies in the Americas
Security and Defense Challenges Posed by Emerging Technologies in the Americas
29 Oct 2015

The Perry Center conducted a Hemispheric Forum on October 27, 2015, titled “Security and Defense Challenges Posed by Emerging Technologies in the Americas: Cybersecurity, Drones (Unmanned Systems), and Robotics.” Three experts in emerging technologies shared their perspectives on the opportunities, threats, and regulatory challenges associated with new and emerging cutting-edge technologies. Each panelist examined the implications of emerging technologies on security and defense in the Western Hemisphere.

Air Force Major General (ret.) Frederick F. Roggero, President and CEO, Resilient Solutions, addressed the evolution of unmanned systems, and how best to make the skies safer for drones and commercial airspace. Dr. Marty Trevino, a senior strategist for the National Security Agency shared his views on a broad spectrum of challenges in cyberspace, and US government strategies to counter these emerging threats. Dr. Boris Saavedra, a professor at the Perry Center, updated the audience on the state of cybersecurity in the Western Hemisphere, evolving threats in the cyber domain, and how governments are designing and implementing strategies to promote cybersecurity against threats from nation states, terrorists, criminals, and hackers.

The Hemispheric Forum was broadcast live via Livestream, where it was watched by over 220 people in 25 different countries.

Event Recording (Spanish)