Perry Center Kicks Off Annual WSDS Seminar
WSDS 2017 Plenary Room
14 Nov 2017

On Monday, November 13th, 2017, the Perry Center welcomed diplomats, military officials, and other representatives from the Western Hemisphere to its annual Washington Security and Defense Seminar (WSDS). The weeklong seminar will provide students with an inside perspective into Washington, the defense policy-making process through presentations by Perry Center faculty, guest speakers, class-wide discussions, and breakout groups.

Mr. Jay Cope kicked off the seminar with a presentation on the US national security policy architecture, specifically explaining how it is formed, who influences it, and which government entities are responsible for its creation and execution. On Wednesday, National Defense University President Vice Admiral Frederick “Fritz” Roegge visited the morning session to welcome students to Washington.

During the remainder of the week, students will hear presentations on US defense policy in Latin America, learn about the US budget process, and be introduced to key government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security. Guest lecturers will include Dr. Craig Deare of the College of International Security Affairs, Dov Zakheim of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and John Kreul of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, among others.

WSDS concludes on Friday, November 17. Our faculty and staff hope the students enjoy the seminar and consider returning for future events and courses.