Strategy and Defense Policy 2012
SDP 2012
20 Mar 2012

Sixty-three students from 20 countries of the Americas and the United States arrived at CHDS on 12 March 2012 to attend the three-week Strategy and Defense Policy Course. This course is designed to help participants develop and expand their competence in analyzing and working with planning and resource management in the security/defense sector. Participants analyze the scope and range of issues in defense and security policy formulation and implementation, resource management, civilian-military and law enforcement cooperation, defense economics, interagency and international coordination, and control and oversight in order to bring about or produce more effective national security and defense. The course does not review policies or the current situation of any specific country. The SDP is held once or twice a year and is only offered in Spanish.

SDP 2012 Class Photo

SDP 2012 group photo with CHDS Director Downie, and Associate Dean Manuel Lora

The course is intended for civilians from the executive, legislative and judicial branches, educators, academic researchers, journalists, and NGO and think-tank staff members involved in security/defense matters. During day-two of the course students were treated to a an unscheduled visit by General Charles H. Jacoby, Jr., Commander North American Aerospace Defense Command and United States Northern Command (NORAD and USNORTHCOM) who stopped by the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies to welcome the Strategy and Defense Policy (SDP) class-1 of 2012.

General Jacoby’s visit on the second day of the course demonstrated a significant measure of the importance the Department of Defense, and USNORTHCOM place on the continued effort to expand and strengthen partnerships with all nations in the Western Hemisphere. He made it clear he was not stopping in to make a speech, only to welcome the class and to personally thank the students for coming to Washington to participate in this very important event.