Webinars Highlight Artificial Intelligence
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01 Jun 2020

On May 19 and 21 the Perry Center’s webinar series continued discussing cybersecurity with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Professor Boris Saavedra and adjunct professors Gianncarlo Gomez and Marty Treviño noted the varied role of AI during this time of social isolation while cautioning that the threat landscape is ripe for hackers and hacktivism. Gianncarlo Gomez remarked on the importance of ensuring protection of privacy and avoiding cybercrime vulnerabilities. Marty Treviño added that COVID-19 put most countries in a reactive mode: how do we make the shift to being proactive and deal with a second wave in a multidimensional way? This webinar is part of a series of online events examining the effects of the Coronavirus on security and defense issues.

Event Recording (English) - Dr. Marty Trevino [21 May 2020]
Event Recording (Spanish) - Mr. Gianncarlo Gomez Morales [19 May 2020]